PeopleSoft Project Documentation (with PeopleCode) in less than 5 minutes!!

As a developer you have probably spent countless hours developing or modifying an application and now you have to do the worst part… The Documentation!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Usually, you would go through your project in app designer and write down all the objects for your migration form and then start copying and pasting all your code for your technical documentation… Boring!!! Why can’t I just add a little piece of code to a XML file and everything will be done for me??? Well now you can, thanks to the below script!!!!!
Step 1:

  • Exported your project to a file.
  • Please note: You have to export everything to the file!! You have to change everything to copy/upgrade… I simple compare the project to an instance that I know the project don’t exist
  • When you export the project to a file it created; an .XML file and a .INI file. (you can delete the .INI file if you want)

Step 2:

  • Place the following file named PeopleCodeViewer.xls into the Project folder with the project .XML we just created above.

Step 3:

  • Modify the .XML file in your project folder by adding the following two lines to the top of the XML file under the line –
    <?xml version='1.0'?>


    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="PeopleCodeViewer.xsl"?>
  • Then add the following line of code to the bottom of the .XML file
  • Save and close the .XML file
Step 4:
  • Open the .XML file in a web browser and Vola

Step 5:

  • press Ctrl-A and paste into word and your done



17 thoughts on “PeopleSoft Project Documentation (with PeopleCode) in less than 5 minutes!!

  1. I agree with your post absolutely and I am now interested in reading some more of your posts on your blog and see what you have to say. Do you mind if I tweet your blog post out to my followers on twitter? I think they would also enjoy the blog post. Thanks.

  2. Fantastic Paul! I like it a lot. I tried it with Application Designer Project files from PeopleTools 8.50 and 8.52. And I opened them in 3 browsers: IE7, FireFox 17 and Chrome. It looked best in IE, and didn’t work at all for Chrome (not sure if I need to make a change to my config for it to work in Chrome or not.)

    I think you are missing a beginning ? in the line:

    And for the benefit of others, after I pasted the above line into my xml file I had to change the double-quotes, from “stylised” double-quotes to “normal” double-quotes.

    On my last project I created an XML file using an iScript and views on the tools tables and then used a BI Publisher template to generate my documentation. I might switch to this in the future though.

  3. I like the idea, you are on the right track. I tested this out. Fields are not showing up in the output. Record names are being duplicated. The idea is great.

  4. This is awesome! Do you have anything to create catalogs of PS Queries where it shows criteria and prompts and the description section.

      1. That is neat too and I’ll save it to my SQLs. What I was thinking of is a PS Query catalog where it shows QRYNAME, DESCR, LASTUPDDTTM, DESCRLONG, FIELDS, PROMPTS, ETC.

        I have created a BI Publisher report and am manually entering the CRITERIA and PROMPTS into the DESCR LONG field so it comes out on my report.

    1. Hey Mike,

      I don’t have a 8.53 project to test it out on myself but I will try my best to help you out:

      Are you getting any errors?
      Did you follow all the steps in the post?
      Can you provide any more details about your experience?


  5. I am also having issues with a 8.53 project. I don’t get an error message, but what I see in the browser is unformatted text such as:

    PeopleSoft Code 0 TS1-ERNCD Earnings Code Earn Code 0 TS2-ERNCD Earnings Code Earn Code 0 TYPE Type Type 0 0 HANDLE 0 0 8405281 0 EARNINGS_TBL 99 0 0 Earnings Code Earn Code

    I would love to have this work to at least evaluate it, but it is not working for 8.53. If you could help, that would be great!

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Maria,

      Thanks for the update… Sadly It sounds like the project’s xml file has changed and all the references if have in the xls no longer work… :S

      Can you send me a sample 8.53 project xml file so i can have a look?
      info [AT]


  6. Hi Paul,

    Do you have a viewer that would work with a Ptools 8.47.02 project ?

    Also, do you know if the old trick of modifying the Ptools release number in your XML project file to match your current Ptools release will enable you to open an older XML project file in a newer Ptools release ?

    Thank You for your help ! 🙂

    1. Hey Mike,

      I am so so so sorry I didn’t see your comment until now!!! But sadly it wouldn’t have made a difference because I don’t anything other than what is in the post… I didn’t have a need for updating the code because I switched jobs a few years back and I no longer work in the peoplesoft world. 🙂

      All the best

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