InfoPath: Set Check Box/Radio Button/Dropdown to Read Only

OK, So you are trying to set up a new view in InfoPath and you want to set a few fields from a earlier view to “Read Only”…. Simple… Well until you get to the couple of fields that don’t have that option in the properties menu?!?

Lets create a new rule:

1) Click the “Home” Tab at the top of InfoPath
2) Click “Manage Rules”
Manage Rules
3) Now make sure you select the field that you want to set to read only
Select Field
4) Select “New” in the Rules option box and Select “Formatting”
New Formatting Rule
5) Under the “Condition:” heading, click “None”
Add Condition

6) In the first drop down select “The Expression”

7) Clear out the text box and enter “1”
8) Click OK

9) Now at the bottom of the rule, click the “Disable this control” check box
Disable this control
Honestly that’s all you have to do!
Take care