SharePoint 2010 – Form Error in Reusable Workflow

So you take a copy of a delivered SharePoint 2010 workflow, like the  ‘Approval – SharePoint 2010’ workflow, and you plan on making a few customization and then simply clamming it as your own and then showing it off to your coworkers.  But after publishing the workflow, and adding it to a list in your site, you try to add a Approver and/or a CC you get the following error when the page does a post back:

This lovely error is due to SharePoint designer security update, KB2553322 (Security update for InfoPath 2010: July 10, 2012). This error has apparently been a huge pain in developers butts all over the world and you will hear many different ways to fix it but the truth is I tried them all and this is the only solution that worked!!!



Please Note: This solution will have to be performed whenever the workflow has been modified

  • In SharePoint Designer, go to All Files.



  • Navigate to:
    • Local workflows:  Workflows > select the name of the workflow.
    • Global workflows:  _catalogs > wfpub > select the name of the workflow.


  • Open the “Workflow Name” .xoml.wconfig.xml file.


  • Click the Edit File link.


  • Navigate to the “DefaultData” Section


  • Remove xsi:nil=”true” from the Assignee and CC Fields.


  • It should look like when you are done.


  •  Save the file.