InfoPath: Set Check Box/Radio Button/Dropdown to Read Only

OK, So you are trying to set up a new view in InfoPath and you want to set a few fields from a earlier view to “Read Only”…. Simple… Well until you get to the couple of fields that don’t have that option in the properties menu?!?

Lets create a new rule:

1) Click the “Home” Tab at the top of InfoPath
2) Click “Manage Rules”
Manage Rules
3) Now make sure you select the field that you want to set to read only
Select Field
4) Select “New” in the Rules option box and Select “Formatting”
New Formatting Rule
5) Under the “Condition:” heading, click “None”
Add Condition

6) In the first drop down select “The Expression”

7) Clear out the text box and enter “1”
8) Click OK

9) Now at the bottom of the rule, click the “Disable this control” check box
Disable this control
Honestly that’s all you have to do!
Take care


SharePoint 2010: Reusable Workflow Form Error

So you take a copy of the  ‘Approval – SharePoint 2010’ workflow, and you make some changes. But after publishing the workflow, and adding it to a list on a site, you try to add a Approver and/or a CC you get the following error when the page does a post back:

1This lovely error is due to SharePoint designer security update, KB2553322 (Security update for InfoPath 2010: July 10, 2012). This error has apparently been a huge pain in developers butts all over the world. The truth is I have tried every recommend solution on the net and this is the only solution that worked!!!


Please Note: This solution will have to be performed whenever the workflow is modified.

  • In SharePoint Designer, go to All Files.


  • Navigate to:
    • Local workflows:  Workflows > select the name of the workflow.
    • Global workflows:  _catalogs > wfpub > select the name of the workflow.
  • Open the “Workflow Name” .xoml.wconfig.xml file.




  • Click the Edit File link.


  • Navigate to the “DefaultData” Section


  • Remove xsi:nil=”true” from the Assignee and CC Fields.



  • It should now look like this.


  •  Save the file and your done!

Happy Coding!

PeopleSoft Project Documentation (with PeopleCode) in less than 5 minutes!!

As a developer you have probably spent countless hours developing or modifying an application and now you have to do the worst part… The Documentation!!!! DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Usually, you would go through your project in app designer and write down all the objects for your migration form and then start copying and pasting all your code for your technical documentation… Boring!!! Why can’t I just add a little piece of code to a XML file and everything will be done for me??? Well now you can, thanks to the below script!!!!!
Step 1:

  • Exported your project to a file.
  • Please note: You have to export everything to the file!! You have to change everything to copy/upgrade… I simple compare the project to an instance that I know the project don’t exist
  • When you export the project to a file it created; an .XML file and a .INI file. (you can delete the .INI file if you want)

Step 2:

  • Place the following file named PeopleCodeViewer.xls into the Project folder with the project .XML we just created above.

Step 3:

  • Modify the .XML file in your project folder by adding the following two lines to the top of the XML file under the line –
    <?xml version='1.0'?>


    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="PeopleCodeViewer.xsl"?>
  • Then add the following line of code to the bottom of the .XML file
  • Save and close the .XML file
Step 4:
  • Open the .XML file in a web browser and Vola

Step 5:

  • press Ctrl-A and paste into word and your done