Sharepoint: Table of list template IDs

Template ID Description 1200 Administrator tasks list 104 Announcements list 303 Blog Categories list 302 Blog Comments list 301 Blog Posts list 105 Contacts list 120 Custom grid for a list 118 Custom Workflow Process 130 Data Connection library 110 Data sources 108 Discussion board 101 Document library 106 Events list 150 Gantt Tasks listContinue reading “Sharepoint: Table of list template IDs”

SharePoint 2013 – BootStrap – Search Box drop down options not displaying on certain pages

OK, I have run into another boggling situation where the default Search Box dropdown is not giving me the search options on my home page… but it is showing on most of the other pages in the site collection? After some digging in the guts of the master page and and searching the inter-webs… IContinue reading “SharePoint 2013 – BootStrap – Search Box drop down options not displaying on certain pages”

SharePoint 2010- Link directly to InfoPath form template

OK so you have an InfoPath form and you need to put a link directly to the form on the main page of the site. We don’t want to link to the library itself and then get people to click the “Add Document” link on the bottom of the list because that is way tooContinue reading “SharePoint 2010- Link directly to InfoPath form template”

InfoPath: Set Check Box/Radio Button/Dropdown to Read Only

OK, So you are trying to set up a new view in InfoPath and you want to set a few fields from a earlier view to “Read Only”…. Simple… Well until you get to the couple of fields that don’t have that option in the properties menu?!? Lets create a new rule: 1) Click theContinue reading “InfoPath: Set Check Box/Radio Button/Dropdown to Read Only”

SharePoint 2010: Reusable Workflow Form Error

So you take a copy of the  ‘Approval – SharePoint 2010’ workflow, and you make some changes. But after publishing the workflow, and adding it to a list on a site, you try to add a Approver and/or a CC you get the following error when the page does a post back: This lovely error is dueContinue reading “SharePoint 2010: Reusable Workflow Form Error”